Diagnostic Cardiorespiratory Sleep Study

Most kids would get a Cardio-Respiratory Sleep Study. This is the most commonly performed sleep study for children especially with sleep related breathing problems like snoring, suspected sleep apnea etc. It is easier to perform and comfortable to most children.

This would involve the following monitoring channels as shown in the figure:

  • Stretchy Bands on the chest and tummy (thoracic/abdominal bands) to look at the child’s breathing.
  • ECG electrodes for measuring Cardiac rhythm.
  • Sensor for measuring oxygen levels (SpO2)
  • Sensor for measuring Carbon Dioxide (Co2) i.e waste gas from body (End Tidal Co2)
  • Nasal cannula to measure the flow of gases from the nose.
  • Continuous Video and Audio recording would be done with a camera and a mike.